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  - Graffitti-Art
     against Racism
     in Heidelberg

  - Bridge Construction
     or Melting Cultures

  - Miseror Fast-March

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Graffitti-Art against Racism in Heidelberg

The three artists Aurele Mechler, Shi-Han Whang and Fabian Lauer designed a big display in the centre of Heidelberg in November 2000. It shows two persons kissing each other - without making clear who is kissing whom as you can only see their muscles,  blood vessels and sinews. The nationality, skin colour or social background is irrelevant. The artists want to make a public statement against racism. This project has been initiated by Bündnis 90/Die Grünen for the anniversary of the “Pogroms against Jews”.

The display seen from a distance  The display seen quite near  Supportletter  (sorry, only german language)  Newspaper  (sorry, only german language)

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