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Bridge Construction or Melting Cultures

Students at the “Gymnasium Papenburg” constructed - together with their twin school in Ter Apel - a suspension bridge as a sign of international understanding in June 2000.
A German student worked always together with a Dutch during this two-day project. They made the following experiences:

Gymansium Papenburg

Jaquiline Pohl, Class 11b
“My impressions of this school exchange with our twin school in Ter Apel were very positive. The exchange students were very nice and tried to talk to us and to form friendships with other participants. Part of our shared experiences was a task where we had to create a symbolic sign for this exchange with curtain rails. We had the idea to construct a bridge and to make flowers. We split into groups and everybody worked highly motivated on his task, which could be seen in the end. This exchange was excellent and should take place again. I am only disappointed that my project-partner is no great letter-writer.”

Julia Nitz, Class 11b
"I think that the idea of an exchange is really good. Nevertheless I think that the aim of this exchange, namely the close co-operation between German and Dutch students, wasn’t the main focus. We all got along very well, but something was missing. Surely, the main reason was that you only had two mornings to get to know each other. You didn’t get into the whole project because you knew that it was only for two days, but it was still interesting to get to know the Dutch school system and the language."

Björn Paultyp, Class 11

“I was part of the bridge-construction team, and I really liked and enjoyed it. You had to work together, be motivated and understand each other. Things that were missing in your vocabulary had to be described differently, which made everything even more fun. On the whole this exchange was a big success.”

RSG Ter Apel

Tina Drenth, Vincent Neef, Nuudia Laan, Annechien Kruijer, Joella Schipper, Moniek Kuper, Linda de Vries, Martina Deddens

“Last year we made an exchange with our twin school in Papenburg. They came over here for a day in January and we visited them for one day in March. By doing that we got to know the German and they the Dutch school system. It was very interesting, as there are many different habits in Germany. We think that the German students made the same experience. In July, we went there again and stayed with host families. They were all very friendly. At school we worked together on a project. In the beginning, it was difficult to get in contact with each other, but this changed very quickly. For example, we went for dinner and to a bar, and we really got to know each other. The next day we kept on working on our project. One group made big flowers as a thank you for the school’s director who initiated the exchange. The other group was constructing a bridge (consisting only of curtain rails) as a sign of the co-operation between German and Dutch students. The result was satisfying: 100 flowers and a bridge that worked! Of course, the teachers were far more serious about this project and supported us, otherwise there probably wouldn’t have been a bridge. Nevertheless we are proud of what we achieved.
There should be more exchanges like this one. Yes, it was exhausting, but we learned a lot, especially about German habits. We even have been in the newspapers. Cool.”

The finished bridge   The bridge an the students   Newspaper  (sorry, only german language)

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