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Misereor Fast-March 2001

For 19 years, the „Misereor Fastenmarsch“ has been taking place in the Northern part of the Emsland. This year, there will be again hundreds of – mostly - children and teenagers participate in this march to show their solidarity with the poor around the world. The 2001‘s march will take place on March 18th to support a training centre for manual work in N’Djamena, the capital of the republic Tschad in Africa (Misereor Project No. 109-1/29). 

The participants pick up a fast-march guide and look for sponsors who will pay a special amount of money per walked/cycled kilometre, as confirmed in their fast-march guide.
This march is unique in Germany. The participants collected 113,000.00 DM in 1998 for mine-victims in Kambodscha, 111,000.00 DM in 1999 for small farmers in Peru, and more than 123,000.00 DM in 2000 for quarry-workers in Bangalore/India.
Fast-projects are the “heart” of Misereor. The catholic relief organisation has supported more than 80,000 development-projects with DM 8 billions since its foundation 43 years ago.
Within the last couple of years, many solidarity-marches have been established to support Misereor-projects. It shows the possibility to have fun by helping people around the world.
Fast and solidarity marches exist since the Middle Ages. At those times. People marched to their landlords to ask for money and food.
Nowadays, we don’t cycle or hike because we are starving, but to support the poor in the Third World. Furthermore, it aims to broaden everyone’s mind and to work as a group.

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