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The first showing of the film at the "Berlinale"

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"Covered with Chocolate"

"We are all alike inside"

The film “Covered with chocolate” is the base for our overall tolerance project and establishes the project-logo. So far, this film has been produced in two versions, English and German. By distributing our film internationally at festivals, in cinemas and on television, we hope to reach especially young people and to motivate them to use the tolerance-theme for one of our other projects.

To give direct support, we started a donation call to help world-wide projects initiated by World Vision. 

We are grateful for every idea that helps us to spread our film “Covered with chocolate” and its statement “We are all alike inside”.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or if you would like to receive information on how to support this project.

Editorial office:    Phone: ++49 (0) 4961 839 0023

Forseesense   :    Phone: ++49 (0) 4962 914 185

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