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Uraufführung am 12.02.00 auf der Berlinale

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Film Contents:

The beginning: black, brown and white chocolate marshmallows are placed on a blue background looking like a world map. They split into three groups sorted by their colour after a little fight, in which for example two white chocolate marshmallows chase a black one to the horizon. With a drum-roll, one leader of each group steps out. They are standing silently in front of each other...
Unseen, but clearly to hear, it is bitten into these three chocolate marshmallows. Then it is visible that all three have the same inside despite their different “skin” colours.A children’s voice comments this scene with the slogan “We are all alike inside”, while a children’s hand is stamping it on the picture. Afterwards, more hands – all with different nationalities – stamp the slogan in 9 different languages on the picture.

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