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Uraufführung am 12.02.00 auf der Berlinale

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Little background information:

A basic demo version (VHS) of this film was produced in Autumn 1997 and sent to the German Ministry of the Interior. From there it was forwarded to the "National Committee for the European Year against racism". Not only the Ministry of the Interior, but also five other institutions have shown their interest in this spot.
That is why we planned to shoot a new cinema version on 35mm in 1998. Unfortunately, financial difficulties forced us to put the production on hold.
In 1999, we started to record voice-overs with German children and actors: Hannes Jaenicke’s (actor, Grimme award winner) voice was used for the white, Minh-Khai Phan-Thi’s (presenter, actress) in Vietnamese for the brown chocolate marshmallows.
In the end, the film was shot with a European team in Berlin in December 2000. It has been completed in January 2001.  

Set with the team team  just before the shot  the leading actors Situation: hunting of the brown marshmellow

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