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Our new project: Daydreams `DAYDREAMS´ is an innovative platform to collect and exchange short stories, short films, pictures, music and new ideas.

Young creatives need to have a chance to show their talent to a broad public!
The newly founded label `DAYDREAMS´ wants to give them the possibility to give their ideas an adequate form and to realise and to publish their talent.
www.mediathek-gegen-rassismus.de Here you find a lot of material for the prophylactic work against racism and for prevention of violence.

Niemandsland is a theatre-production of the Koblenzer theatre of youth in the context of the Culture-Summer Rheinland Pfalz: "A country many cultures" and will take place in the Kultufabrik Koblenz starting from 12th of septembre 2003.

www.gesichtzeigen.de This homepage contains information on this association, its activities against racism and right-wing extremism as well as news and background information on these topics.
www.aktioncourage.org AKTIONCOURAGE e.V. pursues the aim to eliminate discrimination of ethnic minorities and to make the integration easier. AKTIONCOURAGE doesn’t only work on extremely hard and violent cases, but also against inconspicuous kinds of racism that are for those who are affected not less offensive.
www.united.non-profit.nl European network against nationalism, racism, fascism and in support of migrants and refugees.
www.netzgegenrechts.de A information pool against right-wing extremism initiated by German newspapers, agencies and TV stations.
www.amadeu-antonio-stiftung.de This foundation works against anti-democratic tendencies, such as right-wing extremism, anti-Semitic movements and racism in Eastern Germany and to support the set-up of a democratic society. The Amadeu Antonio Foundation helps initiatives and projects that are committed to a democratic culture, the protection of minorities and development of a civilian society.
EXIT helps young people who want to leave groups that are supporting right-wing extremism. It also supports and advises parents whose children are part of such a group.
www.world-vision.de World Vision Germany e.V. is a Christian, cross-denominational organisation that focuses on long-term foreign aid and humanitarian support.
The chocolate-marshmallow fan page
www.raa.de RAA stands for “Regional agency supporting children and young people from immigrated families.

As stated in a verdict made by the district court Hamburg on 12 May 1998, you can be responsible for the content of pages linked to your web-site. This can only be avoided by dissociating yourself from these contents. We are offering several links to other We-sites. We would like to emphasize that we do not have any influence on the design or contents of these linked pages. That is why we dissociate ourselves from all elements included on these linked pages and that we are not adopting their contents. This statement is valid for all links shown on our web-site and for the contents of those pages these banners and links lead to.

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