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16 o'clock
Primiere screening at the Berlinale - Berlinale Palast 4pm 
(Press screening 9am).
Jan. 2001 Further song-recordings at the Noiseless-Studio
Jan. 2001
Dec. 2000
Postproduction of the film "Covered with Chocolate"

Dez 2000 2 song recordings at the Noiseless-Studio
Dec.2000 Turkish voice-over recordings for the black marchmellows by Altay Ünsal
 Dec. 2000 Film-shoot in Berlin
Nov.2000 Pre-production of the film "Covered with Chocolate"
Graffiti-event against racism
Oct.2000 Introducing this project on the internet and preparing the film production
Autumn 2000 Production of a demo-version of the tolerance-song
Summer1999 Voice-over sound recordings with Hannes Jaenicke in English (white marchmellows) and Minh Khai Phan Thi in Vietnamese (brown marchmellows)
March 1999 Voice-over sound recordings with children for the "We Are All Alike Inside" slogan
Sept.1997 Production of a demo version of this spot.

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