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Press: Sonntagsreport, 28 January 2001
Chocolate Marshmallows causing a furore
TV stations want to show Ansgar Ahler’s tolerance spot

Aschendorf. Politics and the business world showed hardly any interest when young filmmaker Ansgar Ahlers realized his dream of shooting his tolerance-spot in 1997. This has now been changed due to increasing racism.The 25-year-old found sponsors, and the TV stations MTV and VH1 confirmed to show his spot, in which black, white and brown chocolate marshmallows play the leading part. 

The one-minute short film with its slogan “We are all alike inside” is going to be screened in the regional Muckli Cinemas”, says Hendrik Ohlms. The 22-year-old from Papenburg has taken over the organisation. This spot in English and German is the base for a big, international tolerance project. Already participating are students at the Papenburg Gymnasium. They built, in co-operation with a twin-school in Ter Apel/Netherlands, a bridge. Another example is the Tansania-Run initiated by the Mariengymnasium to support a school in Africa. 
Students from the black continent are asked to share their opinions on racism on the homepage www.WeAreAllAlikeInside.com. Furthermore, a forum for discussions has been launched on the internet. The first topic (...), based on the tolerance-spot, aims to find out how sensitive people use different expressions.  “Aim of our project is to ask young people for tolerance towards others and for intolerance towards right-wing movements”, says initiator Ansgar Ahlers. 

He could convince German actor Hannes Jaenicke of his project, who was doing the English voice-overs for the white chocolate marshmallows. Ex-Viva presenter Mhin Khai did the Vietnamese voices for the brown, and actor Alatay (“Alarm für Cobra 11”) the voice-overs for the black marshmallows.  
Further support has been confirmed by musician Florian Wahlberg (“Bed & Breakfast”) and actor Tim Bergmann (“Echte Kerle”). 

Press: Von Haus zu Haus, 8 November 2001
Chocolate Marshmallows against racism
Film shots for cinema spot in Aschendorf

Aschendorf. Racism is nearly an everyday appearance. The script writer and assistant director Ansgar Ahlers wants to make a statement against it. “We are all  alike inside” is the name of his project. With a “chocolate-marshmallow” TV and cinema spot , a web-site and school events he asks others for more tolerance. He aims especially at young people.  “Currently we are just preparing a cinema and TV spot which is planned to be shown for example on MTV or VH1”, says the professional filmmaker.

The spot begins with black, brown and white chocolate marshmallows placed in form of a world map. After a little fight they split into three groups sorted after their colour. With a drum-droll, one leader of each group steps forward and they are facing each other silently. Unseen, but clearly to hear, the top of those three is bitten of. “Then it becomes visible that we are all alike inside”, explains Ansgar Ahlers. This spot has already been pre-produced on video and CD-ROM. The Federal Ministry of the Interior and five other institutions, for example the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance, are already interested in supporting this initiative. Furthermore there is a co-operation with the internet-project “Gesicht zeigen”. The new version of this spot will be shot soon. Hannes Jaenicke (Grimme Award winner), Erdogan Atalay (RTL action series “Alarm für Cobra 11”) and ex-VIVA presenter MhinKhai-Thi do the voice-overs. “We still need further sound recordings” says Ahlers. On the following Saturday, 11 November, 15:00 – 17:00, everybody who is interested can participate. Furthermore, Ahlers is going to contact schools to organise tolerance-events. 
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