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“We are all alike inside!” This is the conclusion of the 1-minute-film “Covered with chocolate”. Chocolate marshmallows in three different colours are having a fight until they show their true inside. This film is an appeal for tolerance and is also a fundraising project for “World Vision Organisation”. It has become a big project on the internet at www.WeAreAllAlikeInside.com and www.voninnensindwirdochallegleich.de.

Parts of our project are:

-         Fundraising-activities based on our film for World Vision

-         A growing tolerance-network with schools, groups, etc.

-         A forum for discussions about changing topics

-         Tolerance-songs written by newcomer-bands

-         Pictures, poems etc. by young artists published on the internet

As any other project, we need the help from others to spread our film statement “We are all alike inside”, and to motivate young people to participate in our initiative. We would highly appreciate your ideas and help. THANK YOU!

Film Contents

The beginning: black, brown and white chocolate marshmallows are placed on a blue background looking like a world map. They split into three groups sorted by their colour after a little fight, in which for example two white chocolate marshmallows chase a black one to the horizon. With a drum-roll, one leader of each group steps out. They are standing silently in front of each other...
Unseen, but clearly to hear, it is bitten into these three chocolate marshmallows. Then it is visible that all three have the same inside despite their different “skin” colours.

A children’s voice comments this scene with the slogan “We are all alike inside”, while a children’s hand is stamping it on the picture. Afterwards, more hands – all with different nationalities – stamp the slogan in 9 different languages on the picture.

Little background information:

A basic demo version (VHS) of this film was produced in Autumn 1997 and sent to the German Ministry of the Interior. From there it was forwarded to the "National Committee for the European Year against racism". Not only the Ministry of the Interior, but also five other institutions have shown their interest in this spot.
That is why we planned to shoot a new cinema version on 35mm in 1998. Unfortunately, financial difficulties forced us to put the production on hold.
In 1999, we started to record voice-overs with German children and actors: Hannes Jaenicke’s (actor, Grimme award winner) voice was used for the white, Minh-Khai Phan-Thi’s (presenter, actress) in Vietnamese for the brown chocolate marshmallows.
In the end, the film was shot with a European team in Berlin in December 2000. It has been completed in January 2001.

Technical Information:

Title (German & English): COVERED WITH CHOCOLATE

Length: 1 minute (without opening and closing credits)

Format: 1:1,66 (1,85) Colour

Shot on 35mm

Sound: Dolby SR Stereo

Voices:     Minh-Khai Phan-Thi
                Hannes Jaenicke
                Altay Ünsal

Currently existing versions (each in English and German)

35mm with credits

35mm without credits

Digibeta in Dolby SR Stereo for television with credits

Digibeta in Dolby SR Stereo for television without credits

Analog beta in Dolby SR Stereo for television with credits

Analog beta in Dolby SR Stereo for television without credits

VHS in Dolby SR Stereo for television with credits

VHS in Dolby SR Stereo for television without credits

Furthermore, possible other versions (planned)

DVD with credits

Mpeg with/without credits

Quicktime without credits

S-VHS with/without credits

Production: foreseesense in co-production with Leporello Mediaworks & Atlantis
Main sponsor: Grabower Süsswaren GmbH
Other supporters/sponsors 
World Vision, Liquid Image, Studio 9, Studio Funk KG, Studio Babelsberg, Gesichtzeigen, Condor Digital Media GmbH, I-Punkt GmbH, Cinemobil, Cinepix,
Film und Video Print Kopiergesellschaft GmbH

Redaktion/ Zentrale Toleranz-Projekt
Am Deverhafen 2
26871 Papenburg

Tel.: 04961-83900-23
Fax.: 04961-83900-11

Sekretariat (9-12Uhr): Frau Karle 
Tel.:04961 -83900-0




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